Football Field, Racetracks and Spectator Stand

In order to further enhance the psychomotor development of our students, the School has acquired over 8 plots of land for the expansion of its current football field into a standard sports arena. The plan is to expand the current football field and to build racetracks and a spectator stand as well.

It was indeed a day of joy for students and staff when that part of the old school fence was demolished following the fencing-in of the newly acquired land. Select members of staff and prefects had the chance to deal symbolic hammer-blows to the old fence to cheers from students.

The design of the GISS Sports Arena is almost completed and work is expected to commence early next year. Our wonderful Parents Teachers Association (PTA) has also thrown its weight behind the project, and will be providing substantial sums of money to support its actualisation.

We say a big thank you to our PTA.