“This self-rediscovering journey all started six years ago, though, looking back at the time, it seems just like yesterday. Who would have convinced us back then, when we started as naive, fragile and tender JSS1 students, that we could scale through these hurdles? Many of us were the crying babies, for we felt betrayed by our parents when they left us to the care of this great institution–the strange environment, a rather strange menu, strange faces who later turned out to be great friends and strange adults (our teachers) who did not hesitate to prove to be our parents away from our homes…To the younger Grundtvigians, our hearts are still with you. We love you all. We leave to you the legacy of excellence, responsibility, love, unity, optimism and resilience. May we live to meet again. But in case we do not, we promise never to be anonymous wherever we go. The “Education for Life” we have received here will surely speak through us.”

Chinagozim Nworah, (Valedictorian, Class of 2018)