We educate our students not just to make a living but to live a life.

Equipping our Students to Live a Life

At Grundtvig International Secondary School, we seek to equip our students in an all-round manner to live lives useful and satisfactory to themselves, to their communities and to the nation.

We educate our students not just to make a living but to live a life. That is Education for Life.To enable the school realize this philosophy, it operates an Academic Curriculum along with an Awareness Curriculum that complements it.

Curriculum Customized for Excellence

This comprises of the usual arts, science and social science secondary school subjects such as mathematics, English language, physics, chemistry, biology, agricultural science, geography, government, economics, literature, music, fine arts, etc. The subjects are taught in accordance with the General Certificate of Education (GCE), West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and National Examinations Council (NECO) syllabus and guidelines. A team of top-flight professional teachers, experienced and renowned in their various subjects, ensure that students get the best academic training that will enable them to successfully pursue whatever careers they desire in life.

The school has customised her curriculum in order to position her students to excel in national and international examinations. Junior students do not need to wait until they are in the senior classes before they are introduced to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The school has also worked out an answer to the problem of Mathematics. The three divisions of Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry and Arithmetic) are taught in GISS as three different subjects by different teachers. This has made the teaching and learning of Mathematics less challenging to students. English Language is taught as: Spoken, Grammar, Essay & Letter Writing, and Summary & Comprehension. Specialists in the above areas of English language are engaged in teaching the subject.

International Examinations

Grundtvig International Secondary School is an accredited centre for the Cambridge IGCSE, O and A levels examinations (Centre No. NGOO7) and the US College Board SAT (TC 66256), as well as for the PSAT and Checkpoint international exams. We register and prepare our students to write these international exams in our school. These exams enhance access to international university placement opportunities and scholarships for our children. See more at our International Exams page

Learning Experiences for the Right Attitude and Aptitude

We believe in exposing our students to learning experiences that will enable them to develop right attitudes and aptitudes; active citizenship, cultural awareness, co-operative spirit, the ideals of resourcefulness, initiative, fairness, self-confidence and skills that will empower them to live lives useful and satisfactory to themselves, to their families and to the nation.

 The awareness curriculum includes activities such as:

  • The School Parliament run by elected student representatives and key staff of the School; inaugurated by the Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Honourable Barrister (Mrs) Rita Maduagwu in 2015.
  • The Grundtvig International Secondary School Police Force and the Court run entirely by students for personality and educational development.
  • The Students’ Bank of the Grundtvig International Secondary School where transactions are by the schools special ‘currency’; to develop financial discipline and accountability in addition to educational training.
  • Total Personality building programmes:  “You and the News”, “You, Democracy and Human Rights”, “Culture and Society”, “Cultural Activities”, “Community Involvement”, “Grundtvig Day”, etc.
  • Vocational Hobbies: Photography, shoe-making, cookery, sewing etc.
  • Exchange Programmes: Trips to similar schools and co-operating institutions in Europe and West Africa.

We are Family

Each student is a member of the Grundtvig International Secondary School family. Students work, play, eat and sleep together at their respective hostels.

Because almost all members of staff live on campus, every student not only feels at home but receives adequate personal care.

Spiritual Growth for the Students

The school is firmly committed to the religious principles of love of God and of man, discipline, service, honesty, fair dealing and hard work. Every student is not only free, but is encouraged to practice his or her own religion for which purpose the school has provided facilities.

Spiritual growth of the students is the main charge of the various religious group leaders, though all members of staff are involved.   We believe that students must be guided by examples.

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“For all letters are dead even if written by fingers of angels and nibs of stars, and all book knowledge is dead that is not unified with a corresponding life in the reader.” 

Bishop N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872)